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A positive displacement pump which also known as rotary gear pump uses the meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement. As the gears rotate, it develops a liquid seal and creates suction at the inlet. As a result, fluid is drawn into the pump, and then the space between the rotating gears expels the fluid via the discharge port. The design of a rotary gear pump can handle high temperatures and high-pressure applications.

Method of classification is various but some of the basic gear pump designs are classified into two types internal gear pumps & External gear pumps.

External Gear Pump: These pumps are simple and solid in design and are sufficient to distribute high capacity of fluid. It manage all kind of pressure like low, medium and high.

Internal gear pumps: compare to external gear pump this can be run for a small phase and net positive suction head requirement is very low.

Some other types are
Lobe Pump
Screw Pump

Service and maintenance is very simple for gear pumps. Cavitation are less sensitive, easy to reconstruct and output is controllable.
Cost-effective option
Easy to use and maintain
Insensitive to fluid viscosity and density

Gear pumps are chosen for a high force o/p is necessary and are usually used for
Bitumen and tar
Chocolates, fats, and oils
Soap and personal care products
Resins and polymers
Fuel and lubricants
Solvents etc.

internal and external pumps are commonly used in different fuel, lube oils, solvents and alcohols The external pumps are used in chemical preservative, polymer metering, mixing and blending of chemical, agriculture, industrial, and mobile hydraulic applications.

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