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Bitumen Pump - Bitumen Jacketed Gear Pump

Fluid Tech Systems offers "ROTOFLUID" brand gear pump Model "FTDP" (Bitumen Jacketed Gear Pump, Bitumen Transfer Gear Pump, Jacketed Gear Pump), and Bitumen Pump is a jacketed type foot mounted rotary gear pump. This model are specially designed for Bitumen. Model "FTDP" having S.G.I.N. cast jacketed construction of pump casing and gear & shaft are firmly supported 4 nos. Of self lubricated sintered bronze bush bearing which ensures smooth running. The sealing is done with "GFO" pack Teflon which can sustain high temperature up to 200°C.

This model should be selected for liquid which tend to solidify at room temperature, because it have jacketing construction to facilitate the heating of the pump by steam or thermic fluid. The pumps are available in size (1 ½" & 2") with thread end connection at suction & delivery. This pump are designed to run at 100 to 500 RPM.
Material of Construction
Part Material For FTDP
Pump Body S.G.I.N Casting
Front Cover S.G.I.N Casting
Gland Cover Graded casting
Rotor/Stator Shaft EN - 8
Gear EN – 8 / Graded Casting
Bush Non Ferrous Sintered Bronze
Sealing "GFO" Pack Teflon
Key EN - 8
Hex - Bolt Mild Steel
Coal Tar
High Viscous Liquid
FTDP - FTRBJ Model Known as :
Bitumen Jacketed Gear Pump
Bitumen Transfer Gear Pump
Jacketed Gear Pump
Bitumen Loading Unloading Pump
Bitumen Tank Gear Pump

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